Joy Kills Sorrow introduces Zoe Guigueno on bass!

Greetings from the Sorrow Killing Division!

We write to you mid-vacation time with EXCITING NEWS!

We, hereby, are SO EXCITED to introduce to you OUR NEW BASS PLAYER…ZOE GUIGUENO! We’ve been itching to tell you about this incredible woman, and now that we’ve got all the papers in order (she’s from Toronto!), we can! Here’s a few words about our newest Canadian:

Zoe grew up on a tiny Pacific island in British Columbia’s Straight of Georgia, in a community of 900 people.  As such, she is prone to roaming the woods, swimming in the ocean year round, and losing her shoes. Zoe was brought to the bass by way of a recorder consort which she played in with her mom. (We are all hoping there are recordings of this, and will keep you posted.) She lives in Toronto now, and is working on her first recital in aerial silks. Jake is hoping that aerial silks lessons will be one of the perks of having Zoe in the band. We have high hopes for his potential in the sport.

A few words from Zoe:

Emma: What are you most excited about, now that you’ve joined Joy Kills Sorrow?
Zoe: Expanding my musical community and touring in the States! And Wes’ cooking.

E: What is your favorite van pastime?
Z: Studying maps, reading. Listening to Keith Richards autobiography was pretty entertaining, too, and eating cookies.

E: How do you feel about the amount of facial hair in Joy Kills Sorrow?
Z: I’m pretty used to bearded musicians, but Jake really takes the cake.

Zoe is psyched to get out and meet you guys, and we’re excited for you to meet her! We really couldn’t have hoped for a better fit for our band. Zoe is an awesome person and an incredible musician, and we hope to see you all out on the road soon so you can meet her!

In the meantime, we’re also very excited to be going back into the studio later this month, armed with some brand new songs. Expect to hear more updates on our upcoming recording over the next month.

And last, but not least, Zoe’s last name is pronounced gwee-GWEN-oh. No, wait. GWI-gwen-woh. No, no, wait. GIG-en-oh. Yeah, that’s it. GIG-en-oh. Promise.


Emma, Zoe, Matt, Jake, and Wes


So, we’ve been psyching you guys up for our first ever OFFICIAL MUSIC
VIDEO for awhile now.  We already told you that it’s been masterminded
by the production team of Shutter & String (Sam Kassirer and Liam
Hurley.)  We already told you there would be PUPPETS.  We may have
even already told some of you about the

But did we tell you it’s being premiered on ROLLINGSTONE.COM ???

Here is a link to the new video for “Jason” from “This Unknown
Science” on!

It was posted at 9am this morning, and we were all almost as excited
about watching it for the first time in the trappings of Rolling Stone
magazine, as when we first heard our music singing through the
Starbucks speakers!

But seriously, please enjoy the awesome work Sam and Liam have done
with our music and share it with all your peops!

In other news, we just finished another stellar romp around Europe,
played some great shows, met some cool people, ate some tasty scones!
We have a few weeks off now but we’ll be kicking off summer touring
starting May 23rd and have a bunch of shows to look forward to.  More
on that to come soon…


New Online Store and Website!

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new online store up and running! With a whole slew of brand new merch available, you’ll be able to purchase your own set of Joy Kills Sorrow paper dolls, which you can play with while wearing a new Joy Kills Sorrow t-shirt, and listening to our new record, This Unknown Science (when it comes out)!

We also have a whole new website in the works, so keep checking back here around the release of the new record, on September 13th. The folks at Three Bears Design have done a dang good job for us, doing beautiful work on all the new record/t-shirt/poster/website art!

We’re featured on NPR!

We had the honor and pleasure of playing at Celtic Connections this year! To top off an amazing weekend, we ALSO had the honor and pleasure of making our NPR’s Mountain Stage debut, sharing the bill with Dougie McLean, Tim & Mollie O’Brien, and the incredible Mavis Staples! You can listen to our segment online now HERE.

Jake soundchecking in the Royal Concert Hall.