So, we’ve been psyching you guys up for our first ever OFFICIAL MUSIC
VIDEO for awhile now.  We already told you that it’s been masterminded
by the production team of Shutter & String (Sam Kassirer and Liam
Hurley.)  We already told you there would be PUPPETS.  We may have
even already told some of you about the

But did we tell you it’s being premiered on ROLLINGSTONE.COM ???

Here is a link to the new video for “Jason” from “This Unknown
Science” on!

It was posted at 9am this morning, and we were all almost as excited
about watching it for the first time in the trappings of Rolling Stone
magazine, as when we first heard our music singing through the
Starbucks speakers!

But seriously, please enjoy the awesome work Sam and Liam have done
with our music and share it with all your peops!

In other news, we just finished another stellar romp around Europe,
played some great shows, met some cool people, ate some tasty scones!
We have a few weeks off now but we’ll be kicking off summer touring
starting May 23rd and have a bunch of shows to look forward to.  More
on that to come soon…


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