New Online Store and Website!

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new online store up and running! With a whole slew of brand new merch available, you’ll be able to purchase your own set of Joy Kills Sorrow paper dolls, which you can play with while wearing a new Joy Kills Sorrow t-shirt, and listening to our new record, This Unknown Science (when it comes out)!

We also have a whole new website in the works, so keep checking back here around the release of the new record, on September 13th. The folks at Three Bears Design have done a dang good job for us, doing beautiful work on all the new record/t-shirt/poster/website art!

  1. I would really really like to see the lyrics to Darkness Becomes This City (bought it from iTunes). We appreciated the lyrics with This Unknown Science (bought it @ folkWest in Victoria)… perhaps a lyric portion of the site??

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